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Happy New Year.

It has to be better than 2016.  2016 was a disaster by anybody's standards.  A lot of good people died and the bad guys won.  Everybody's plans were screwed up, even the bad guys'.  Now nobody knows how to plan for the future.

This year I've been plagued by a general lack of fitness and a bad knee, which resolved specifically into a torn meniscus during a race at the end of July.  I went through surgery for that in early September - the torn meniscus was removed, because that kind of thing cannot heal due to a lack of blood supply to that particular chunk of tissue.  Unfortunately during my recovery from the surgery, my glutton nature cropped up and I allowed myself to gain back a lot of old weight.

I can still run, just not quick.  I can still finish a 5k race but not nearly in the time I could.  I can still recover from this.

I also dropped into a pretty severe art depression, going whole months without really picking up my tablet pen.  I failed to complete the annual month-long pony art challenge.  I am not happy with myself.

Halfway through the year my employer announced we were buying one of our big rivals and were going to merge the two companies.  So I spent the back half of the year expecting to be laid off by the end of it.  That didn't happen; my original company is a very small organization for how much business we do, and the purchased rival was a very bloated org, so they are taking most of the layoffs.  However our office has moved to the rival's building which is in downtown Fort Worth - my commute has doubled in length and tripled in time, which really sucks.  And the reorganization, which was dropped on us suddenly right after Thanksgiving, has put me in a much different position with the company, having to figure out how to get several other people to do parts of my job in an environment with different business rules than I'm used to.

Considering the reorganization, the much longer commute, and the fact that I'm training other people to do my job as it is, I'm thinking it's time to start looking for something new.  I'm not going to take any action there before March, because I already have a vacation planned for then, but I can start preparing my resume and researching potential new employers.  Given my pessimistic nature, I am oddly optimistic about this.

Anyway.  This year I submitted (by my count) 34 distinct pieces to DeviantArt, and a few other pieces I only posted to Tumblr or Derpibooru.  Much much lower than past years.  Like I said, art depression.  Nevetheless here's the submissions I'm kinda proud of this year, the Least Worst of 2016...

What a Drip by phallen1 What a Drip
Vent art.  My house had a recurring roof leak early in the year.  It's animated!  Kinda!

BG and Derpy Midair Hugs by phallen1 BG and Derpy Midair Hugs
A bit of thank-you gift art for basketgardevoir for making a cute picture of Air Ponyville style Derpy for me.

Skitties are Jerks by phallen1 Skitties are Jerks
More to do with basketgardevoir and ZoroFab, intruding on a private running joke between them where bg's skitty wrecks zoro's mug.  My dumb skydiving obsession ruins everything.

Easter Egg Drop by phallen1 Easter Egg Drop
An ambition for an Easter-related project that came to me way too late to do anything with it.  Who knows, I may try to pick it up again.  I just need to do more anything with Maya and Sadie and their more realistic world of college skydivers.

Aeroba-Trix by phallen1 Aeroba-Trix
I put this together after the pony episode where penitent ex-villain Starlight Glimmer meets recovering egotist Trixie and the two become quick friends, not without struggling with their own flaws.  I think the relationship was great.  And Trixie's, erm, "call for help" when she thought Starlight had lied to her kinda speaks to me.

Solstice Sunflight by phallen1 Solstice Sunflight
Equestria Daily did holidays for specific characters, and Princess Celestia's was the summer solstice.  I threw this together a little too late to take part, but even then it was pretty well received.  There's an alt version that gives her different colors and a different hairstyle.  I did a lot of alt versions this year.

Cloud Picnic by phallen1 Cloud Picnic
A NATG Alumni prompt I decided to jump on.  I hadn't done much with my pony OCs Software Patch and Windcatcher, and ponies in general, so I put this together.  Romantic fluff between the two.

Mature Content

Peony and Salute Play With Fireworks by phallen1
 Peony and Salute Play With Fireworks (linked; NSFW)
Hoo boy, this one was ambitious.  GunpowderGreenTea was asking people to draw his pony pair for the Fourth of July.  I was messing around with animation and managed to put this together.  It's a really bad joke.  But GPGT enjoyed it, and that's the important thing.

Mature Content

Nightmare War: Chaos Butterfly vs Windcatcher by phallen1
 Nightmare War: Chaos Butterfly vs Windcatcher (borderline NSFW)
Another ambitious piece.  JonFawkes put together a new ask/RP/contest blog called Nightmare War and was taking submissions for the Chaos Butterfly story arc - how the chaos-tainted Fluttershy would add a little chaos to an OC's life.  This was a bit of self-deprecating humor about why a pegasus "needs" a parachute.  This comic fell utterly flat, nobody noticed it or gave a crap about it, but Jon liked it and again that's what's important.

Tiny Skydivers by phallen1 Tiny Skydivers
Tiny human (and alternate Equestria Girls) versions of my Windcatcher and Software Patch.  This played precursor to an HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript web design project I'm still working on.

Mature Content

Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits by phallen1
 Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits
A very silly meme on Derpibooru that I took too far, as usual.  At least it doesn't involve skydiving!

The Amazing Flying Sisters - Canopies by phallen1  The Amazing Flying Sisters - Close Up by phallen1 The Amazing Flying Sisters (Close Up)
I tried to emulate Siansaar's art style based on a commission he did for me earlier this year.  And I wanted to draw more best human sisters skydiving in formation, based on photos I found online and in Parachutist magazine.

Rebecca's Avalanche Escape - extra version by phallen1 Rebecca's Avalanche Escape
Another multiple-version thing starring HoshikoSoyokaze's character Rebecca, showing off various life-jacket-like inflatable systems designed for avalanche survival.

Next year I want to draw more.  I put a bit of Christmas money into some new art tools that will hopefully encourage me in that direction.  I also want to get back into shape - I have no excuse for the shape I'm in following surgery and recovery.  And hopefully, find a new job that doesn't involve driving for at least an hour and a half a day.

 So good riddance to 2016.  Let this awful, awful year serve as a reminder that none of us are as stupid as all of us put together and to take nothing for granted.

Allow me to wish all of you who read this a happy end to 2016 and a happy beginning to 2017.  Let's make tomorrow better for everybody.
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I wanted to show off for a friend, basketgardevoir, who is currently offering commissions and needs some cash.
Watercolor Skye by basketgardevoir Sol the Dryad by basketgardevoir Xmas Maai And Zoro by basketgardevoir Nini's Dress by basketgardevoir Zero Sweets Midori by basketgardevoir NSFW Celeste by basketgardevoir
Vapochan by basketgardevoir  ask bg's starters 22 by basketgardevoir Mermaid Megumi by basketgardevoir Flash Fire! by basketgardevoir RIP apple by basketgardevoir The Cutest Trick or Treaters by basketgardevoir
Alpaca Blues by basketgardevoir Sanguine by basketgardevoir Team Maai x Zoro by basketgardevoir Sleepy Lilith by basketgardevoir Vaporeon-chan by basketgardevoir MechaMaai by basketgardevoir

Yeah, I've commissioned a few things from him...
Skydiver Luna by basketgardevoir Parachuting Skie by basketgardevoir Come Fly With Us by basketgardevoir SoftwarePatch and WindCatcher by basketgardevoir Reginleif - Stream Wing-It by basketgardevoir

If you're interested, messaging on his Tumblr is the best way to get in touch with him. Seriously, he deserves more good attention than he gets.
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You're Not Supposed To Be Here by phallen1
Original post on FurAffinity

After a day of skydiving student/teacher shenanigans above Canterlot, Software Patch and Windcatcher managed to inadvertently crash the Grand Galloping Gala.  In that they landed in the gardens of the palace.  And wouldn't you know it, they left their clothes in their other clothes.  How do they get out of this without being arrested or stabbed by the guards or stumbling into an easily scandalized aristocrat?

They just have to wrap their canopies around them, stick their snouts in the air, and act like they're just another pair of snobby aristos in outlandish gala costumes as they make their way out of the palace as quickly and discretely as possible.  Just don't panic and try not to let anyone take too close a look at Patch's "cape"...

All credit to Toughset 
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Happy New Year.

2015... was an abject failure.  I managed to draw more... a lot more than I did in 2014.  My other resolutions fell flat.

This year's ordeal came in a triple threat: a failed hot water heater and leaks in the roof at my house, and surgery to get a cyst out of my belly button.  All three were wet, gross, and hellaciously expensive.  My savings is pretty much cleaned out thanks to this year.  Still, I managed to keep my job through the 2.5 year mark when my previous two jobs had laid me off.  And I'm on proper antidepressants which helps my art motivation a lot.

And I'm still in good enough shape to run, even if I'm in overall worse shape than I was thanks to surgery, depression, and a lack of self control.  I didn't manage to run a race every month, but only because both of the races I would have run in April were cancelled or postponed due to freakish spring rains.  I ran 3 different half marathons, a 15k and an 8 mile race, a number of different 5ks, and a race up the 54 flights of stairs at Reunion Tower in Dallas, where I actually took 1st place in my age group somehow.

This year I posted 52 pieces here on DeviantArt.  I also posted a number of lower-quality things to my Tumblr page(s), and some stuff that is not appropriate for this venue that you may find elsewhere.  I did more to develop my original characters, though I did not do very much on my Air Ponyville project beyond buy art from some better artists.  Let me take a look at some of the Least Worst of 2015...

Maaidex Blaziken by phallen1 Maaidex: Blaziken (January)
Posted on my Tumblr rather than here.  ZoroFab was depicting his girlfriend Maai as various Pokemon.  I contributed this pic of Maai as a Blaziken kicking Zoro's ass. :v

Swordandboard by phallen1 Lady-Sister Isaac the Stompy, Order of the Butcher Knife (February)
Also posted to my Tumblr.  I have been really into The Binding of Isaac Rebirth & Afterbirth this year.  Really, really into it.  This is what you get when you have Mom's Knife, the Trinity Shield, the Habit, and Thunder Thighs all at once.

Falling, In Love by phallen1 Falling, In Love (March)
Now we're getting somewhere.  At some point I created the dog-girl Skye Diver for the sake of commissioning art from artists who didn't do human characters.  Then she got some development thanks to conversations with some friends.  Then Bernie, the dog in green, was created as Skye's senpai at the drop zone.  Then they became a couple.  So it goes with OCs.  I'm kinda proud of this one.

Bouyant Meditations by phallen1 Bouyant Meditations (April)
A pic made of HoshikoSoyokaze's test pilot character.  They're kind of into pilot suits and parachutes but they're really into inflatable life vests.  I can respect that.  I did some things with layers to show the parts submerged in water in this one.

Vault Hunter Toughset by phallen1 Vault Hunter Toughset (May)
For Toughset 's contest to draw his avatar in some setting he hadn't been in before; I turned him into a Vault Hunter from Borderlands.  Dude likes shotguns, and Borderlands 2 has positively a plethora of available shotgun models.  I put some effort into emulating the style of the games for this one.

Nice Catch by phallen1  Nice Catch (June)
More Skye and Bernie for Digolgrin - the two of them jumping into the part wearing casual clothes for a date.  I put some effort into this one.  I like getting away from jumpsuits sometimes.

Tantabus by phallen1 Tantabus (July)
Some humanized My Little Pony work.  I started really doing the 30 Minute Challenge on Tumblr this year once I hit my artistic stride.  I had a pretty good streak of picture-a-day going for a while there.  This is based on the episode where Princess Luna's own guilt over what she had done, and what she might become again, manifests into a nightmare monster that threatens to escape from the dream world into the real one.  The whole being unable to forgive yourself thing kinda hits close to home.

NATG V day 4: Get The Power-Up, Pinkie! by phallen1 NATG V day 4: Get The Power-Up, Pinkie! (August)
I did the Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Ground thing again this year.  I also putzed around with some simple animation.  You really should see this animated to get the full effect.

Patchouli Tangled Up by phallen1 Patchouli Tangled Up (September)
A gift for a friend who really likes Patchouli Knowledge.  This is a follow-up to a pic I did this same time last year.  The pose and perspective on this was a challenge.

Homesick Sunset Shimmer by phallen1 Homesick Sunset Shimmer (October)
Another 30 Minute Challenge piece I'm pretty proud of.  The third Equestria Girls movie gave ol' Bacon Hair some time in the spotlight.  I like the concept of her trying to recreate as a human some of the things she enjoyed on the other side of the mirror.

Skydiving CamPokes by phallen1 Skydiving CamPokes (November)
basketgardevoir 's Starter Trio pokegirls doing the skydiving thing because I felt like drawing the three of them in jumpsuits and parachutes.  I think it's cute, even if there's a lot of copy & paste work to speed up the drawing of 3 characters.  bg and my other artist friends get annoyed with me when I throw their characters out of planes... but that's what I do to characters I like.

Peace On Earth by phallen1 Peace On Earth (December)
This is the only pic of real substance I did in December, and I probably should have had it finished and ready to go back in October.  The addition of a deadline like Christmas really stresses me out.  Still, I got this done and it came out okay.  I've had this idea for a Christmas card since last year.  The version I printed and sent to my IRL friends and family seems to have gone over well as well.

So.. what are my goals for 2016?  First and foremost, Recover.  Like I said, my savings is gone.  I need to rebuild it, because God is not going to spare me the annual Ordeal just because I can't afford another $5000 disaster.  And it's going to happen; every year, like clockwork, on or about April 15.  Let's hope that if this year isn't one I can handle, it at least kills me quickly and cleanly.

Also get back in shape.  For real this time.  Looks like there's no chance I'm going to be in the correct physical, mental, and financial shape to give skydiving another try in '16.  I swear I will get back up there if something else doesn't kill me first, and I will stick with it or die trying.  But in due time.  In the meantime, my failure and my shattered dreams are awfully funny, aren't they?  Don't worry, I hate myself just as much as you do, I'm right there with you laughing at my dumb ass. :)

So, good riddance to 2015.  Let's see if and how I survive 2016.

Allow me to wish all of you who read this a happy end to 2015 and a happy beginning to 2016.  Let's make tomorrow better for everybody.
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basketgardevoir is open for commissions.  I am shamelessly signal-boosting.

BG can draw cute girls of all styles and in all situations.

Come Fly With Us by basketgardevoir

RIP apple by basketgardevoir

dog & cat girls,
Air Dropped Xmas by basketgardevoir

Parachute Patchouli by basketgardevoir

MechaMaai by basketgardevoir

and of course Pokemon.
Flash Fire! by basketgardevoir

If you have any desire to commission an artist I strongly, strongly recommend you drop BG a line.  And join the stream when you get the chance.  It's fun.

BTW, just a few hundred more page views to 40,000...
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Happy New Year.

Somehow, I'm coming up on 40,000 pageviews.  Number 30k snuck past me some time in July.  Wow.  Hard to believe I've had twenty thousand hits in one year.  Anyway, let's see if I can't do something to celebrate this.  If you managed to get page view #40,000, take a screenshot of the Statistics panel on my profile page.  The one with the bar graph of my page views.  Remember, kids: Alt+PrtScn copies a snap of the current active window to your clipboard; just paste that into MS Paint or whatever and save as a PNG.

2014 was not the best year for me.  I managed to keep my job!  Somehow!  The year was defined by a pair of tooth extractions which ate a good portion of my savings.  I'm not in any kind of trouble, I just have much less of a safety margin than I used to.  The year was also defined by my mustache.  To be perfectly honest it was a pretty bad mustache.  I shaved it off to prepare for Movember, grew it out fresh, and once I got a requisite 'stache-comparison photo with my dad over Christmas break I shaved it off again.  This year I'm rolling with a clean upper lip.  Let's see if that works better.

Artwise, I was pretty lazy.  I managed to submit only 50 deviations.  Of these, 8 were simply coloring other people's line art; 9 were variants of another core pic; and 1 was dA's April Fools prank.  There are a few other serious pictures I did which I did not post here on dA for various reasons.  And a whole bunch of half-started scraps.  I struggled hard with my perfectionist tendencies this year.  It's easy for me to forget basic stuff like how a body is built.  I was fighting a bit of creative depression right up until the EqD Newbie Artist Training Ground challenge got started.

Let's take a look at the Least Worst of 2014.  See if you can guess what most of these have in common...
If You Have the Courage to Jump... by phallen1 If You Have the Courage to Jump... (January)
Built on a throw-away line from a pony episode.  Most of you folks know I would rise to a bite of canon like that.  I put a little bit of effort this year in pinning down Windcatcher's look.

Cupid's Airborne Assault by phallen1Cupid's Airborne Assault (February)
This was going to be my Valentine's Day card for 2014.  Then I got really lazy and put things off too late.  Now it's going to be my Valentine's Day card for 2015.  Want one?

Mature Content

Ivana Go Skydiving by phallen1
Ivana Go Skydiving (March)
I felt like making some fan art for two of basketgardevoir's Pokemon characters.  Ivana's just a chubby cutie and I got an image in my head I couldn't get rid of.  Amelie was invented by bg just to push my buttons.  It worked.

Zebra on a String by phallen1Zebra on a String (April)
Birthday gift art for Fetchbeer, who I met in real life before I found out he's a pretty damn good artist.  (On the list of "topics that don't come up when we talk face-to-face".)  Kinky's a cute character, but I have no idea if she (or her creator) would be comfortable with her falling out of a plane.  Parasailing, however, is a classic drunk beach bum recreation.

Sky Ocean (Colored) by phallen1Sky Ocean (Colored) (May)
I really didn't do much in May, art-wise.  I colored several pieces that I had commissioned from the talented shoxxe, including this one of my Maya and Sadie.  I commission a fair amount of art with my characters; I need to actually do more with them myself.

Skydiver Derpy by phallen1Skydiver Derpy (June)
Speaking of creative projects of which I've gotten more commission art than self-made art...  Air Ponyville isn't dead, just in torpor.  If I can get my crap together I'll pick it up again.  I have ideas!  I just need to focus enough to execute them.

Maai and Zoro in: ZoroMaai by phallen1Maai and Zoro in: ZoroMaai (July)
Gift art for M-a-a-i and ZoroFab, a couple of excellent artists who make an adorable couple, both in real life and as their avatars.  Breaking out of my usual subject matter, not that I didn't have the usual subject matter in the back of my mind.

Octavia's Music Video by phallen1Octavia's Music Video (August)
Some human pony Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, actually calling back to a pic I did early last year.  I need to draw more humans in general, even if they're just human ponies.

Pixelwings by phallen1Pixelwings (September)
Gift art for the kind and talented ladypixelheart, who I commissioned several times this past year.  She has good rates and I have poor impulse control.  Anyway, she wanted some fanart of her pony avatar, and I did my best to deliver, in my own way.

Just Another Diving Board by phallen1Just Another Diving Board (October)
Gift art for DingoPatagonico with whom I've worked a couple of times.  His Kurfust and my Heidi.  To be honest I invented Heidi and Skye as something to offer artists who I didn't think would take human character commissions.  They have since evolved into their own thing, without my really expecting them to.

Klodette and Chilly Gonna Go Down by phallen1Klodette and Chilly Gonna Go Down (November)
Birthday gift art for Kloudmutt.  I spend an awful lot of my evening watching kloud draw on Livestream and now Picarto.  It's a decent way to learn some drawing skills.  I've come to realize there's a bit of an e-Bohemian crowd that gathers around artists who stream, and I have kind of fallen into that.  I also realize I bring out my A-game when I make art for artists I admire.

Little Victories by phallen1Little Victories (December)
My second-to-last submission for this December's Newbie Artist Training Grounds event.  This is the pic I'm most proud of, even though it's the pic that has garnered the least attention owing to the fact that it's only my own characters and my goofy skydiving obsession.  Of the 15 pics I did for NATG this year, this one I feel is the most mine.

Later on I will put together a journal with the many many pieces of art I commissioned from other artists this past year.  Like I said, poor impulse control, and when I'm already spending large amounts of money on dental issues it's easy to spend not-quite-as-large amounts of money on my hobby as a condolence.

In terms of personal goals, I completely and utterly failed in 2013.  I failed to get back in shape - though I ran a lot, I need to tally up the number of outdoor miles I ran this past year, it's easily over 200, maybe even 300, and I managed to run 11 formal races, missing only the month of May.  I failed to jump again, but I'm taking steps to get myself into proper physical (yoga) and mental (counseling) condition for jumping.  I failed to start a relationship - I failed to even pursue a relationship, because I don't know where to begin.  No experience in that field at all.

So, let's close the book on 2014.  Let's go into 2015 fresh.
Get back in shape.
Start a relationship.
Draw more.
Maybe even jump again.
But the one thing I really want to do this year is to be easier on myself.  I have to learn I'm not perfect, I can't be perfect, and that this is okay.  I learn best by making mistakes.  I need to allow myself to make mistakes and not beat myself up for the mistakes I make.

That's the plan.  Let's see how things are 12 months from now.

Allow me to wish all of you who read this a happy end to 2014 and a happy beginning to 2015.  Let's make tomorrow better for everybody.
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Yes, I go a little bit nuts with the commissions sometimes.  At this time of year it's often artist putting on sales because of tax time.  But in any event, I can often put together enough of an idea that they can make look good.  Here's some of the stuff I've gotten in the last couple of months.

COM - Everything's Peachy by shoxxe
Everything's Peachy by shoxxe - Princess Peach skydiving in an outfit based on her Mario Kart racing suit.  Always fun to work with shoxxe.  I colored this one.

Sunbathing Maya and Sadie Commission by ladypixelheart<da:thumb id="442423450"/>
Maya and Sadie Sunbathing by ladypixelheart - My skydiver girls in bikinis, with and without their parachute gear.

Like a Baws by EVOV1
Maya skydiving in a bikini, Like a Baws, by EVOV1.  Fantastic piece done entirely in Flash with paths.

Some Air Ponyville related pieces - I need to get back and do real updates for this, but for the time being:
<da:thumb id="451243858"/>
Stowaways at Air Ponyville by ladypixelheart again.
Commission: Skydiving instructors by Siansaar
Skydiving Instructors by Siansaar - I wanted to see the AP girls in his new humanized style.
Phallen1 Commish- Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie by Wom-bat Phallen1 Commish- Rainbow Dash - Twilight Sparkle by Wom-bat Phallen1 Commish- AppleJack and Rarity by Wom-bat
Three by Wom-bat for things I have every intention of covering in the blog sooner or later.

tumblr n4h49mkJEv1rirptzo1 1280 by phallen1
And Ponchooting by Kloudmutt.

Hopefully I will get back in the saddle with my own art this month.  In the short term I have family coming to visit that I really need to spend my evenings cleaning the house for.  And something else coming up in a couple of weeks I don't want to think about, but it's happening whether I want it to or not.  Just gotta get through it and try not to let anyone make a big deal out of it. -_-

Appropos of nothing, I'm almost finished with listening to my entire collection of Warped Tour CDs during my commutes!  Just in time for this year's compilation to come out.

Cheers, all.
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Just showing off a few of the commissions I've received in the past month or so.

<da:thumb id="433478060"/> <da:thumb id="434883184"/>
Valentine's Day with the Parents, by ladypixelheart, featuring Skye's parents, Dandie and Russel.

Commission - Phallen1 by Zavits
Maya and Sadie, by Zavits.

Before Flight by SpeedyHimura
Before Flight, featuring Skye and Savvie, by SpeedyHimura.

The Ladies of Air Ponyville Commission by ladypixelheart
The Ladies of Air Ponyville, featuring my takes on Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as skydivers, and Twilight Sparkle, who will (eventually) be their student.

Skydivers- Maya and Sadie by AlimusPrime
Maya and Sadie, by AlimusPrime.  He's pushing for commissions, check him out; it's worth your while.

Phallen savecar commission by bunnimation

Maya and Sadie, by bunnimation.

RD FS RegularCloths by phallen1 RD FS skydivingOutfits by phallen1
And some sweet 3D renderings of Air Ponyville's Fluttershy and Dash by the Regressor.

So I went a little bit nuts with commissions.  A lot of these artists are very affordable.  Very much worth the time to check out their work.

I just got back from a badly needed vacation.  I'm feeling refreshed and ready to start doodling again.  Maybe you'll see more of my work.  Hopefully you'll see Air Ponyville get revived here pretty quick.
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Just a quick shout-out and art feature on ladypixelheart, who I've gotten a few skydiving-related pieces from of late.

A few of my girls Maya and Sadie (and overbearing rival figure Lysette)
Maya and Sadie Skydiving Commission by ladypixelheart  Sadie Lysette and Maya Commission by ladypixelheart

And one of my pony OC pair.
Patch x Windy Commission by ladypixelheart

She's open for commissions right now if you're interested.

Also, today (Sunday) is race day for me.  Ten miles in what looks like will be chilly rain.  Wish me luck!

Edit to add: I survived the race!  I stuck it out the whole ten miles despite forgetting my gloves and freezing my butt off.  I turned in about 96 minutes for 10 miles, too, which was a lot better than I was expecting.
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That is all.
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Come Fly With Us by basketgardevoir
By basketgardevoir, who deserves more exposure.

Air Ponyville on Tumblr

(At this point I have more art from other people on AP than I have my own art.  How sad is that?)
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Wom-bat Phallen1 Skye   Savvie Pic Da-fa by phallen1

Commission from Wom-bat, whom I really wish would post more stuff here.  Skye the skydiving terrier girl with a perfect parachute landing all up in Savvie's grill.  (source)

One of a rather large number of commissions I got in the last few months of last year.  It's the holidays and I got to feeling ambitious.
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Happy New Year.

First, some housekeeping.  Somehow, I'm coming up on 20,000 pageviews.  This will be coming up in a few days.  So if you manage to get #20,000, take a screenshot of the Statistics panel on my main page.  The one with the daily pageview graph.  Sent it to me in a note.  If you're in the neighborhood, screenshot that as well.  If you're #20,000, or the closest to that who reports it, I may do something.

Alright, year in review.
The Least Worst of 2013 by phallen1

Despite myself, I managed to put out 76 distinct drawings in 2013.  This is only counting what I consider effort pieces, not scraps, and not variants of a single pic.

I also got my Air Ponyville project started.  In the three months or so that project has been live, I've produced 15 panels for it.

Art-wise, I was fairly productive, especially considering how little time I actually had to draw.  I had a period on either side of the Artist Training Grounds challenge in August and September where I was fairly dry for various personal reasons.  But I'm used to my tablet, I have my work environment the way I like it, and I'm slowly learning my way around all the little problems with my art and my technique.

My goals in 2013 were as such:

#1: Get a new job.  Accomplished!  I did quite a bit of talking to recruiters and interviewing early in the year.  As of Tax Day I started my new job.  Oddly enough I continued to moonlight at my old job on an as-needed basis after I started my new job, for the sake of training the new guys and helping them carry the load until they were comfortable.  This gave me about a hundred work hours all told on top of 7 1/2 months of my new salary.  And my new job pays substantially more and affords me things like vacation time and benefits.  So all is right in that world until I get laid off again.

#2: Find a girlfriend, start a relationship.   ... Shit.  No luck there.  I haven't even been on a dating site.  I still don't know where to start.

#3: Get back to jumping weight and go jumping again.  I actually managed this.  After a few months in my new job I was brave enough to actually call the DZ where I did my tandem last year and sign up for a First Jump Course.  My first proper AFF jump was June 16 and, while I didn't die, I still screwed up harder than I expected to.  Despite my talk and my philosophy, I still scare myself stiff when I'm in freefall, and that's not a way to fall.  After 3 student tandem jumps and 5 AFF jumps, I separated my shoulder on Labor Day.  I have not jumped since.  I will admit that I've been pretty down since I got hurt and kinda let my physical fitness regimen go to shit.  Although I completed my first half-marathon and an 8-mile foot race since getting hurt, I'm not at full strength and I'm starting to feel the holiday calories weigh me down.

Reviewing this, the plan for 2014 is as thus.

#1: Get back in shape.  Get the weight off.  Improve my running pace and endurance.  Run more races.  Get more sleep.  I think a lot of my problems can be traced to getting only 4-5 hours of sleep on a work night.  Get into some mental shape too.  Deal with some of the demons in my head and the devils on my shoulder.  Speaking of my shoulder, get it so it's strong and not hurting any more.

#2: Start a relationship.  Find a girl.  Seriously.  Get myself to a point where I'm capable of building and maintaining a relationship.  This depends on point #1, especially the mental part.  It's hard to be of value to other people when you're deathly afraid and distrusting of yourself.

#3: Jump again.  Do it right this time.  Overcome the fear and the stiffness.  Prove to myself that I'm capable of doing this.

That's the plan.  In 12 months if I'm still alive, let's see how well I do.

Allow me to wish all of you who read this a happy end to 2013 and a happy beginning to 20134  We are not dead yet, and so long as this is true, we can continue to make our lives and our world better.
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Second Chance: Cut Away! by phallen1

I feel the need to lay out some thoughts in regards to people requesting art from me.

First, why would you want art from me?  My art is terrible and I take forever to produce it.  Seriously, look at that.

I have a discipline problem and get distracted easily.  Combine that with a terrible sleep schedule, working full-time with a long commute, and loads of physical training that eats my energy, and I don’t draw nearly as much as I know I should.

I will never make any promises in regards to requests.  Sometimes I entertain suggestions, and sometimes stuff said to me will inspire me to draw.  But I will never guarantee anything,  Please do not take anything I say as a promise to draw something for you.

I draw what interests me.  An idea has to be something that grabs my imagination before I can draw it.

Under my current circumstances I cannot take commissions.  I do not have the available time to put into a piece I am being given money or points for.  I do not want to put myself in any position where I would be liable in a civil action for any amount of money.

Likewise I will not take part in any art trades or collaborations under most circumstances; I do not want to be seen as owing anything to anybody.

I will try to honor people I have already talked to about this sort of thing, but please do not hold it against me if I take a long time or fail completely to deliver.

Pictured is the first panel of a project I should have had finished over the summer.  This illustrates why you shouldn't rely on me to keep a promise and deliver on something, as well as the folly of taking something for granted.

Best regards.  Sorry about the passive-aggressive rant.
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Rapid Unplanned Disassembly by phallen1

Art by :iconkloudmutt: Kloudmutt.

Based on art of cute Kerbal girls he did some time back.  Kerbalumia here just bailed out of yet another exploding spaceship, and is spending her parachute ride figuring out what to fix in the next model.

In Kerbal Space Program, if your stuff isn't exploding, you've been playing too long.
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Commissioned from :iconbasketgardevoir:source

bg deserves more business.  Go check him out.
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Logoscaled by phallen1


This is a project I've been meaning to get started all summer, but only now am I actually executing on it.

It's an ask/role-playing blog based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, or a human version anyway.

Simple concept: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy spend their free weekends skydiving at Ponyville's little rural airport.  They'll horse around in the sky with their humanized pegasus friends, or take passengers on tandem jumps, or teach fledgling jumpers how to fly.  Ask them questions and learn about the sport and the version of the MLP world they live in.

It's an excuse to further geek out about skydiving girls and to push my writing and drawing skills, both of which definitely need the exercise.

This opening arc calls for some audience participation.  Anyone who wants to will have their character drawn taking a tandem jump with Dash and 'Shy.

I'll be mirroring the pages here on my DA account until such a thing stops making sense.

Wish me luck, folks!

Air Ponyville Tumblr Link
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Maya, rendered by the-regressor.

Check this out.

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The complete (so far) run of Skye the skydiving terrier girl, commissioned from :iconbasketgardevoir: *basketgardevoir.  Click the pics to go leave feedback!

The bg will be offering commissions some time in the near future, and deserves business.
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