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Air Ponyville: Applechute
Cider Season! And a beautiful day for it, too. The morning sun spread its rays across the neatly ordered orchards of Sweet Apple Acres, and the less neatly ordered line of people that stretched past the house and down the drive.

There was a festival atmosphere in the air. The residents of Ponyville were chatting amiably with each other, and with the many visitors from out of town who had made the pilgrimage for this event. Everyone was here for the cider, of course; the Apple family had many products of their farm for sale, and nearly all of it would be sold before the day was out, but the cider was the headliner. That, and the orchard's pretty young proprietor - the ads and posters that had gone out for this event featured Applejack in her "80s country singer" costume and promised a performance by her that morning. More than one conversation in line called back to that photo, and how the young lady was quite easy on the eyes - and not that bad a singer, either.

As Applejack's brother and hired staff hauled barrels into place, and her grandmother laid out the paraphernalia of doing business, the energy of the crowd started to build up. The people in line had come thirsty for cider, and hungry for a look at Applejack. Off to one side the performance stage had been set up by Applebloom and her friends, and now they darted through the crowd, a little nervous as they looked for the one person they needed to kick things off.

"Hey," Applebloom whispered to an assistant who just left the house, "has anybody seen my sister?"

A mile above the orchard in the clear morning sky, a small plane buzzed in a slow circle. In the cramped bay behind the pilot's seat, Applejack sat on the dirty carpet floor, staring through the open hatch at the distant horizon, breathing slow and deep breaths, trying to keep her nerves under control. This is just another performance, she told herself; you're going to knock it out of the park. Wait for your cue, make your entrance, and everything else will come naturally. She carefully didn't think about what her "entrance" entailed.

Kneeling next to her, Rainbow Dash was double-checking every inch of Applejack's harness with deliberate, exaggerated care. Applejack knew the show of meticulousness was for her own sake; Dash was known to take much better care of her students and passengers than she did of her personal equipment. Dash's own harness looked well-worn and dirty compared to what Applejack wore, freshly assembled by Rarity's expert hands and integrated into her costume. On the other side of AJ sat Pinkie Pie, all smiles and sunshine, for once being quietly supportive; maybe she'd given up on shouting over the drone of the engine. Pinkie wore her own harness and pack, like Applejack's but not as new, and not so integrated with the shirt and shorts she wore; and like Applejack she had a thick lanyard running from the pack to a bar above the door, hooked securely in place.

"Thirty seconds!" called a cheerful voice, and the pilot of the plane glanced over her shoulder to check on her charges. Applejack wondered if the young lady's funny eyes let her watch her instruments and her passengers at the same time, and she silently chided herself.

"You heard the captain," said Dash as she leaned back on her haunches. "We're as ready as we're ever gonna be. We've gone over everything you need to pull this off. The rest is up to you, including this question that I gotta ask and I gotta have an answer: Are you ready to perform a skydive?"

Pinkie scooted in close and squeezed Applejack's hand in assurance, her toothy grin showing both her confidence and the nerves behind it. AJ looked at her, then looked at Dash, waiting for her response with all the professionalism she could muster.
Applejack trusted Rainbow Dash, despite herself. She trusted the plan that Dash and Pinkie had come up with; she trusted the equipment that Rarity had made, even if the designer would never dare use it herself; she trusted that Mac and Applebloom and Granny would have everything perfect and ready to go when she... *arrived*; and she trusted that the result would turn out as awesome as Dash and Pinkie had promised it would. She even trusted the plane and its pilot, despite their looks. Applejack drew in a deep breath, and looked into Dash's eyes. "I'm ready," she intoned, with all the resolve she could muster. If Dash said she was ready, then she was ready.

Dash grinned and squeezed AJ's hand, then gestured to the open hatch. "Scoot up!" Applejack hitched her skirt around her legs and dragged herself forward on her butt. With Dash's help she reached the hatch and dangled her legs out into the wind. She couldn't help but glance towards the ground, closer than she expected but still far away. Even from up here she could see the line of people stretching down the drive. Seeing the audience waiting for her shifted her train of thought; this wasn't a stupid dangerous stunt, this was a performance and it was time to perform.

Dash gave one last tug on the sturdy hooks at both ends of the lanyard running from AJ's pack to the plane's hull. "Remember:" she called over the engine noise "Count to four, and if it's not there then pull your reserve. But if it's there and solid then sit back, enjoy the ride, wave to the crowd, and..." and here she leaned close and whispered conspiratorily, "imagine the look on your sister's face." She drew back, as did Pinkie, giving Applejack room.  "Ready!" Dash called, "And-!"

Applejack grit her teeth, grabbed her hat, and pitched forward into space before her nerve gave out. She didn't even register Dash's gasp of surprise.

"JERRRR-" she called as the wind grabbed her. The sensation wasn't of falling; more like diving face-first into a hurricane. For a moment she was facing the earth, thousands of feet away, defying it to come and get her. "APPLE-" Her harness pressed into her front for a moment, there was a barely perceptible clicking sound, and suddenly she was sitting in a swing, her legs kicking forward. "OOOoooh..."

Far below, a sudden splash of color in the blue sky drew Applebloom's eyes upward. Her breath caught in her throat as the color turned into an unmistakable shape. A half sphere, like a balloon cut in half, inflated and became solid. Bright red on the outside, brilliant and shining in the morning sunlight. The inside was a creamy white, with the dark shapes of big seeds evenly spaced from each other. A banner of brilliant green, attached to the very top of the shape, unrolled and caught the wind.
It was an apple. A huge half-apple, complete with a leaf at its top, drifted through the sky above Sweet Apple Acres. And suspended underneath it...

Applebloom wasn't the only one looking, and a shocked hush had come over the crowd. But when people recognized the figure held underneath it, the crowd erupted in cheering. Those long, twin pigtails; that tan dress with its apple-red petticoat (and what might lie underneath); that hat which she still held clamped to her head; everyone had come here hoping to see the beautiful Applejack, and there she was, like an angel borne on an apple-shaped cloud.

Dash and Pinkie watched from the plane as Applejack disappeared under the red canopy. "Uh...", Dash started lamely. "Three-two-one-go? Crud..."

Applejack finally remembered how to breathe. The doubt and fear had caught up to her, but it was too late for them to do anything. She remembered what Dash told her - make sure the canopy is there? She looked up and boggled at the sight of her own parachute. It was gorgeous! Rarity had shown them what it would look like, they had inspected the canopy before they packed it, but here it was for real, shining in the morning sunlight, putting on the show it was meant for. She could even see the tip of the green leaf-banner flapping in the wind above her. She wished she could see herself. She hoped someone on the ground had a camera.

Applejack tilted her head to look towards the ground. The crowd was even bigger than she'd expected, and she could tell they were all watching her, cheering her arrival. She could feel that energy - the crowd invigorated her.

A cold wind across her butt made Applejack realize her skirt was catching a lot more wind than she'd expected, the thick fabric not heavy enough to stop the skirt from billowing up like a parachute in its own right. She blushed red as she realized the spectacle she must be putting on. She was close enough to the ground now to make out faces, which meant they could pick out details on her. With one hand still holding her hat tight on her head, Applejack used her other hand to try and get her skirt under control. The feeling of the wind and warm sunlight on her butt, along with the oddly silky texture of the saddle straps, told her she was not having much success. She hoped nobody on the ground had a camera.

She was right over the line of people, following it down the path towards the big clearing where she was to land. Every eye was on her, turning to follow her as she passed overhead, just a few hundred feet up. She grinned at them and waved with her hat, which wasn't leaving her hand no matter what but which had taken second priority to her skirt. Her eyes scanned the crowd for the one face she really wanted to see. And there she was, in front of the house, between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Applejack could see her sister's eyes, as wide and sparkling as they were, the utter awe radiating from Applebloom's very being. That, right there, made this entire venture worthwhile.

Applejack kept her eyes on Applebloom's as she sailed past the house. She saw Applebloom's face shift from awe to confusion and toward alarm. Scootaloo was frantically pointing in the direction of the clearing. Applejack turned to look. Everything looked as she expected; the crowd had been kept away from the bed of straw prepared to be her landing spot; she was higher up than she expected, but...

Applejack realized what was wrong as her landing spot passed underneath her. She was still too high up. She was going to completely overshoot the clearing, and she was headed for the neatly spaced rows of apple trees.

Choking back sudden terror, Applejack grabbed for the suspension lines and started pulling on them. Dash had told her she could kind of steer this thing, and right now she was trying to steer it so she wouldn't fly face-first into the trunk of a tree. The parachute seemed to respond to her effort, and looked like she was following a path between two rows of trees, but she knew full well this was still going to hurt. Swallowing, steeling her nerves, Applejack braced for impact...

From the door of the plane, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie watched the giant half-apple shudder to a stop amidst the apple trees.  The canopy sagged and collapsed, settling on the branches of the trees around it. Pinkie's grin was the fixed, mad grin of someone whose sweet treat had suddenly turned sour in her mouth. Dash craned her neck to try and see AJ, her lips a tight, tense line across her face. With no small amount of relief, she made out AJ rubbing her seat, trying to get up and get untangled from the parachute lines, and her brother and sister running through the orchard to help her out.

Pinkie spoke up. "I don't think she's going to give us that cider," she stated in what for her was a matter-of-fact tone.

"Nope," replied Dash, still watching Applejack pick herself up.

"Oh well," Pinkie shrugged. Then she hopped out of the hatch and into the air with an "APPLEJACK, CATCH MEEEeeee!!!"

Rainbow Dash blinked as she watched Pinkie drop away, her static line reaching its limit and pulling Pinkie's blue-and-yellow canopy into the air. She watched the parachute puff open, and a handful of balloon pop out from under it. She still didn't know how Pinkie got those in there.

Dash shrugged herself. She turned to give a quick wave to the pilot, who waved back with cheerful confirmation. Then she pitched backwards into the open air above Sweet Apple Acres.  As she flipped to face the ground and reached back to pull her own parachute open, she figured: What's done is done. You might as well make the best of the situation.
Milkshake Academy Maya
Alternate universe Maya getting a ride to school.

Deepest apologies to Gnorcteen for playing with his idea/world without permission, and to Kloudmutt for mimicking his style very poorly.
Happy New Year.

It has to be better than 2016.  2016 was a disaster by anybody's standards.  A lot of good people died and the bad guys won.  Everybody's plans were screwed up, even the bad guys'.  Now nobody knows how to plan for the future.

This year I've been plagued by a general lack of fitness and a bad knee, which resolved specifically into a torn meniscus during a race at the end of July.  I went through surgery for that in early September - the torn meniscus was removed, because that kind of thing cannot heal due to a lack of blood supply to that particular chunk of tissue.  Unfortunately during my recovery from the surgery, my glutton nature cropped up and I allowed myself to gain back a lot of old weight.

I can still run, just not quick.  I can still finish a 5k race but not nearly in the time I could.  I can still recover from this.

I also dropped into a pretty severe art depression, going whole months without really picking up my tablet pen.  I failed to complete the annual month-long pony art challenge.  I am not happy with myself.

Halfway through the year my employer announced we were buying one of our big rivals and were going to merge the two companies.  So I spent the back half of the year expecting to be laid off by the end of it.  That didn't happen; my original company is a very small organization for how much business we do, and the purchased rival was a very bloated org, so they are taking most of the layoffs.  However our office has moved to the rival's building which is in downtown Fort Worth - my commute has doubled in length and tripled in time, which really sucks.  And the reorganization, which was dropped on us suddenly right after Thanksgiving, has put me in a much different position with the company, having to figure out how to get several other people to do parts of my job in an environment with different business rules than I'm used to.

Considering the reorganization, the much longer commute, and the fact that I'm training other people to do my job as it is, I'm thinking it's time to start looking for something new.  I'm not going to take any action there before March, because I already have a vacation planned for then, but I can start preparing my resume and researching potential new employers.  Given my pessimistic nature, I am oddly optimistic about this.

Anyway.  This year I submitted (by my count) 34 distinct pieces to DeviantArt, and a few other pieces I only posted to Tumblr or Derpibooru.  Much much lower than past years.  Like I said, art depression.  Nevetheless here's the submissions I'm kinda proud of this year, the Least Worst of 2016...

What a Drip by phallen1 What a Drip
Vent art.  My house had a recurring roof leak early in the year.  It's animated!  Kinda!

BG and Derpy Midair Hugs by phallen1 BG and Derpy Midair Hugs
A bit of thank-you gift art for basketgardevoir for making a cute picture of Air Ponyville style Derpy for me.

Skitties are Jerks by phallen1 Skitties are Jerks
More to do with basketgardevoir and ZoroFab, intruding on a private running joke between them where bg's skitty wrecks zoro's mug.  My dumb skydiving obsession ruins everything.

Easter Egg Drop by phallen1 Easter Egg Drop
An ambition for an Easter-related project that came to me way too late to do anything with it.  Who knows, I may try to pick it up again.  I just need to do more anything with Maya and Sadie and their more realistic world of college skydivers.

Aeroba-Trix by phallen1 Aeroba-Trix
I put this together after the pony episode where penitent ex-villain Starlight Glimmer meets recovering egotist Trixie and the two become quick friends, not without struggling with their own flaws.  I think the relationship was great.  And Trixie's, erm, "call for help" when she thought Starlight had lied to her kinda speaks to me.

Solstice Sunflight by phallen1 Solstice Sunflight
Equestria Daily did holidays for specific characters, and Princess Celestia's was the summer solstice.  I threw this together a little too late to take part, but even then it was pretty well received.  There's an alt version that gives her different colors and a different hairstyle.  I did a lot of alt versions this year.

Cloud Picnic by phallen1 Cloud Picnic
A NATG Alumni prompt I decided to jump on.  I hadn't done much with my pony OCs Software Patch and Windcatcher, and ponies in general, so I put this together.  Romantic fluff between the two.

Mature Content

Peony and Salute Play With Fireworks by phallen1
 Peony and Salute Play With Fireworks (linked; NSFW)
Hoo boy, this one was ambitious.  GunpowderGreenTea was asking people to draw his pony pair for the Fourth of July.  I was messing around with animation and managed to put this together.  It's a really bad joke.  But GPGT enjoyed it, and that's the important thing.

Mature Content

Nightmare War: Chaos Butterfly vs Windcatcher by phallen1
 Nightmare War: Chaos Butterfly vs Windcatcher (borderline NSFW)
Another ambitious piece.  JonFawkes put together a new ask/RP/contest blog called Nightmare War and was taking submissions for the Chaos Butterfly story arc - how the chaos-tainted Fluttershy would add a little chaos to an OC's life.  This was a bit of self-deprecating humor about why a pegasus "needs" a parachute.  This comic fell utterly flat, nobody noticed it or gave a crap about it, but Jon liked it and again that's what's important.

Tiny Skydivers by phallen1 Tiny Skydivers
Tiny human (and alternate Equestria Girls) versions of my Windcatcher and Software Patch.  This played precursor to an HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript web design project I'm still working on.

Mature Content

Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits by phallen1
 Pinkie Loves Bacon Bits
A very silly meme on Derpibooru that I took too far, as usual.  At least it doesn't involve skydiving!

The Amazing Flying Sisters - Canopies by phallen1  The Amazing Flying Sisters - Close Up by phallen1 The Amazing Flying Sisters (Close Up)
I tried to emulate Siansaar's art style based on a commission he did for me earlier this year.  And I wanted to draw more best human sisters skydiving in formation, based on photos I found online and in Parachutist magazine.

Rebecca's Avalanche Escape - extra version by phallen1 Rebecca's Avalanche Escape
Another multiple-version thing starring HoshikoSoyokaze's character Rebecca, showing off various life-jacket-like inflatable systems designed for avalanche survival.

Next year I want to draw more.  I put a bit of Christmas money into some new art tools that will hopefully encourage me in that direction.  I also want to get back into shape - I have no excuse for the shape I'm in following surgery and recovery.  And hopefully, find a new job that doesn't involve driving for at least an hour and a half a day.

 So good riddance to 2016.  Let this awful, awful year serve as a reminder that none of us are as stupid as all of us put together and to take nothing for granted.

Allow me to wish all of you who read this a happy end to 2016 and a happy beginning to 2017.  Let's make tomorrow better for everybody.
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